Doha to Arusha

We’d set the alarm and requested a wake up call at the hotel. We need not have worried. Both of us were awake at 4.00 so had heaps of time to shower, pack and get to the airport. 

Kilimanjaro 1

The flight took us east along the gulf then south to fly over Somalia and Kenya. Approaching Kilimanjaro Airport, the plane passed east of Mount Kilimanjaro then turned to pass the southern and western faces of the mountain. The summit was just visible above the cloud. 

Inside the airport it seemed that most travellers had not applied for visas before flying, so there were long queues at the visa desks. We had ours organised in Perth so were through immigration pretty quickly and out to where our druiver was waiting. Unfortunately, we were sharing our ride with one of those in the visa queue so had to wait for nearly an hour for him.

Our driver apologised and said we would have a slow journey through to Arusha Coffee Lodge - we had hit rush hour! 

KIA PS student.jpg

The drive was intriguing. Along the side of the road we passed hundreds of people all heading for home or herding animals. Houses were very basic - mud or cement block walls with corrugated iron roofs. Among the pedestrians were some men wearing scarlet or blue checked traditional costume. Incongruously, many were chatting on mobile phones. And amongst what seemed poor, even dirty, surrounds were scores of immaculately dressed school children. Their uniforms, smart, clean and seemingly newly pressed. Put some of the kids in Australian schools to shame!

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