Another early start for the next leg to Serengeti took us from the Lodge on the eastern rim round to the west before dropping down onto the plains below. 

En route we stopped in at a Masai village where we were greeted by the traditional singing and dancing followed by a tour of the village school, a family home and a bit of shopping.

I chatted with one of the “elders” who told me he is 52, has 4 wives and 9 children. He seemed a little sad for me when I told him I only have 1 wife and 2 children!.

After the stopover, we hit the main road too the Serengeti and started what can only be descrribed as a bone jarring, bum numbing, heart stoping terror ride!! The proverbial “African Massage”. 

Every vehicle threw up cloud of white dust from the unsealed road and Sija, ever conscious of the speed limit of 80Km per hour, stuck to it remorselessly! Everytime we drew close to a slower moving truck, we would enter the thick, swirling cloud as we overtook. The pale glimmer of headlights the indication that it is time to get back to our own side of the road!!

As we entered the Park, we passed the turnoff too Olduvai Gorge where Richard Leakey discovered the fossil remains of one of our earlest human ancestors - a timely reminder that we are passing through the cradle of humanity.

Serengeti sunset

A detour from the main road takes us to a small bridge where a couple of other cars are parked. Relaxing under a tree a pair of lions. Word is that there is a leopard kill nearby, so after taking a few dozen shots of the lions, we go in search of leopard. (Well, lions are so yesterday!)

Five minutes later we are looking up at the remains of an impala high in an acacia, but no leopard. A troop of baboons are passing through, and SIja explains that they will have chased the leopard away.

A little more driving with no more excitement and we head on to our destination.

Sunset saw us arrive at the lodge.

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